Baird Releases Statement on CHIPS Vote

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Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jim Baird (IN-04) released the following statement on the CHIPS Act of 2022. “In the last year alone, Indiana has secured several multi-billion-dollar investments to establish semiconductor chip research and production facilities further securing our state’s role at the forefront of American ingenuity and innovation,” said Congressman Baird. …

Climate Solutions Are Abundant in West Central Indiana

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You may have noticed the increased attention to policy that impacts the health of our environment and climate in Congress. As that dialogue progresses, America’s farmers and ranchers stand at a critical juncture in how their practices should adapt and what the future of that industry’s regulations could look like. There is real risk that climate change policy could create many…

We Can Do Better

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One of the most vital needs for our country is strong and modern infrastructure. To me, this should include things like roads, bridges, railways, waterways, and broadband. The Biden administration’s definition of infrastructure is expansive, and the recently announced American Jobs Plan is proving to be an attempt by the Democrats to brand their partisan wish list as…

Standing Against a Wave of Socialism and Saying ‘No’

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As a lawmaker, it is our job to write, debate, and pass laws that move our country into a better future. But voting no and stopping bad legislation that violate our Constitution and harm our country is just as important. Thus, many of my recent votes have been in opposition to partisan bills that would have disastrous effects for Hoosiers and the country at large. First, President…

Baird discusses decision to object to electoral votes

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We are fortunate in our congressional district to have companies and organizations that provide immeasurable contributions to our communities and our state. I acknowledge and respect the great work in philanthropy, economic development and employment opportunities for Hoosiers that these community partners deliver. Recently, some companies announced their decision to withhold campaign…

Rep. Baird: As Lake Freeman drains, confident we can find a solution

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Another summer has come to an end. But unlike past summers this one was challenging and frustrating for the Monticello community. Summers in Monticello are a time for residents and tourists to relax and enjoy Lakes Freeman and Shafer. These lakes have been a hallmark of summer vacations for years. Families gather for outdoor concerts and fireworks on the lake. Boaters from all over the…

Continuing the Work

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COVID-19 has challenged us all. It forced us to re-think how we go about the simplest tasks. The impact to our daily lives has been felt in so many ways. Some have asked, what’s it like in Congress during this pandemic? While we may not physically be in Washington as often, each day continues to be filled with constituent meetings and legislative work. I am continuing to work toward…

Congressman Baird Supports President Trump’s Farm Relief Package

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Washington, DC – Representative Jim Baird (R-IN) applauds President Trump’s decision to provide a $19 billion relief package for farmers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the relief will be in the form of direct payments to farmers, as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). The Farm Service Agency will begin to accept application from…

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