Baird discusses decision to object to electoral votes

We are fortunate in our congressional district to have companies and organizations that provide immeasurable contributions to our communities and our state. I acknowledge and respect the great work in philanthropy, economic development and employment opportunities for Hoosiers that these community partners deliver.

Recently, some companies announced their decision to withhold campaign contributions over recent votes taken in Congress. Those decisions will not deter me from working to continue addressing the issues pivotal to maintaining the great work mentioned that these organizations do for our district and our state.

I ran for Congress to give voice to the people of Indiana’s fourth district and ensure their concerns are addressed in Congress.

My Jan. 6, 2021 votes to object to the electoral college votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania were not cast to overturn the election results and were not cast for concern of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. These votes were made based on how these states violated the Constitution in creating new election rules in a manner that neglects their state legislatures’ role in deciding on state election law.

As a former representative to the Indiana General Assembly, this process is one I believe in strongly and wish to see upheld against abuses.

I have fielded countless feedback from Hoosiers across every town and community of our district who are concerned about the manner in which this previous election was conducted. This vote was made to give voice to these voters’ concerns and ensure their views are represented in the House of Representatives.

The matter of election integrity is not an issue I take lightly. Meaningful reforms that can ensure voter confidence in our federal elections will require input from members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

I look forward to bringing Hoosier points of view to this discussion and continuing the important work of representing your views.

God bless America.

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