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Congressman Baird to focus on agriculture in new term

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WFLI) — Although more than 30 House races are still undecided, Indiana Congressman Jim Baird says he believes Republicans will control the chamber for the first time since he's been there.

Baird is on the House Agriculture Committee, and says one of his priorities is renewal of the Farm Bill next year.


"The Farm Bill comes up at the end of 2023," Said Baird. "I think we need to spend an adequate amount of time making sure that we fine tune that program, make sure we have the conservation programs funded, make sure that we take care of farmers and ranchers."

Though Some Republicans have criticized former president Donald Trump since Tuesday's election, since it didn't produce a landslide for the party, Baird defends Trump and says the country benefitted from his policies, including lower taxes and lower inflation.