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Hendricks County Flyer: Coffee with a congressman

Coffee with a Congressman

Congressman Jim Baird, representative for the fourth district of Indiana, stopped by the Brownsburg Flapjacks restaurant for coffee with the community Wednesday afternoon.

Constituents were able to meet the Congressman, ask questions and share the issues most important to them.

“I’m always excited to meet members of the community, to hear their ideas and share my experiences with them," Baird said. "Listening to people in our 4th District is my biggest priority. I’m glad to have this opportunity, and I look forward to sharing many more cups of coffee with my fellow Hoosiers.”

He said joining Congress has “only made me madder.”

“It makes you realize that there are some real concerns and I have some significant concerns," Baird said. "I would enjoy nothing more than to tell you we were really making progress, and we are in some ways, but these philosophies and ideologies that we’re hearing really concern me. We’ve got a real challenge.

“I think what we do is make sure we have good people in any position we have in our government. From advisory people to trustees and all the way to the top, we need to make sure we have good people.”

Baird said the district office in Danville is up and running and it’s been a “whirlwind” so far. He has been named to the agricultural committee; science, space and technology committee; and research and technology committee.

“I’m really happy I ended up on the agricultural committee because I think it’s a place I can make a contribution in terms of a team effort,” Baird said.

After a brief overview of the Congressman’s first few months in office, community members began asking questions concerning tariffs, the Green New Deal, eliminating the electoral college and other issues.

“I don’t think tariff’s long term will solve the problem but I think most of us want a fair trade," Baird said. "Let’s just make it fair.”

In terms of the Green New Deal discussions, Baird said, “I never dreamed that we would be on the floor of the U.S. Congress talking openly about socialism.”

Baird plans to continue traveling throughout the Fourth District to speak to community members and hear their concerns. For more information, visit his website at