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Baird Demands Border Security in the Wake of Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

Washington, D.C.— This week, Congressman Jim Baird visited the U.S. Southern Border to survey the current conditions after President Biden halted construction efforts and issued the following statement:


“President Biden’s open-door policies at our southern border have made it unquestionably one of the biggest threats to our national security that our enemies stand ready to exploit,” said Congressman Baird.  “For months, we have seen our southern border overrun with the highest number of illegal crossings in decades, which has included known members of the FBI’s terrorist watch list. Our enemies have already become emboldened by the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal efforts in Afghanistan; we cannot entice them further by leaving our southern border in its current vulnerable state. It’s time for the Biden administration to shore up our national defenses to keep Americans safe, and that absolutely must include securing our southern border.”