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Congressman Baird Issues Reminders for International Travel

Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Baird issued reminders to constituents who are planning to travel internationally.

“As pandemic-related travel restrictions are lifted, many Hoosiers are taking the opportunity to travel internationally,” said Congressman Baird. “My office provides a variety of resources for constituents and we strive to make these resources as convenient and accessible as possible.”

As you prepare for your trip, you should be aware of several important resources offered by the Department of State and Congressman Baird’s office.

1.      Check your passport. It is important to ensure that your passport is up to date before you travel. Passport renewals with the U.S. Department of State can take up to 18 weeks, so it is crucial to prepare for this in advance.

2.      Utilize the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Through this free program, travelers can receive updates from the U.S. Embassy about safety conditions in their destination country and stay connected with Embassy officials in case of an emergency.

3.      Visit the Department of State’s website for travel information. The Department of State’s website offers numerous resources for travelers including health and safety information, travel advisories, and more.

4.      For help connecting with federal agencies, contact our district office. For help obtaining or renewing your passport or assistance while you are abroad, our district office can contact appropriate federal agencies on your behalf. To request assistance from our office, contact us through our website or by calling (317) 563-5567.