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Congressman Baird Introduces the DOE Biological Innovation Opportunities (BIO) Act

Congressman Jim Baird (R-IN) introduced the Biological Innovation Opportunities (BIO) Act to help advance biological and environmental research and further develop capabilities and infrastructure at the Department of Energy.

“The BIO Act is a small step in creating a larger and long-term strategy for investment in critical research and infrastructure for the United States,” said Congressman Baird. “It’s imperative our country remain a global leader when it comes to innovation and new technology and prevent the Chinese Communist Party from surpassing our capabilities.”

“Strengthening and expanding our biological and environmental research program will help produce cleaner energy, reduce waste, and – importantly – create jobs in rural areas, Science, Space & Technology Ranking Member Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) said. “It’s a great example of how fundamental research can produce wide-ranging benefits. I appreciate Rep. Baird’s work to improve our bioenergy and environmental research and I’m proud to cosponsor this bill with him.”

This bill is an initiative to authorize the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Research Centers. More specifically, this bill would authorize basic research in plant and microbial systems biology, bio imaging and analysis, and genomics to inform the production of fuels, chemicals from sustainable biomass resources, and to facilitate the translation of basic research results to industry.