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Baird assigned to committees for 117th Congress

Congressman Jim Baird (R-IN) announced on Wednesday that he will continue to serve on the Agriculture Committee, and the Science, Space & Technology Committee for the 117th Congress.

“We just yesterday got our committees populated,” Congressman Baird told The Times on Thursday. “We just now have received information from the ranking members from our side. Once we get organized, we will start to hear bills, take testimony and so on. The process is underway for the 117th Congress, so it is an important time to be monitoring what types of bills are being proposed.

“I look forward to continuing vital work on both committees,” Baird stated in a Wednesday press release. “Last Congress, I was proud to lead on the Building Blocks of STEM Act and the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. Now it’s time to address unfinished business that will help Hoosier farmers and advance scientific education at institutions like Purdue University.”

According to the release, Congressman Baird wants to utilize his position on the two committees to “create the next farm bill, strengthen our food supply chain, increase resources for STEM education, and counter the Chinese Communist Party’s growing capabilities in vital technological industries like artificial intelligence.”

Baird told Time Times that he is looking forward to continuing his work on both committees.

“It is important to the district that we have such a strong agriculture influence,” he said. “I am excited to be back on that committee. Some of the things that we did during the coronavirus were very instrumental, not only the farm bill to help protect the farmers, but that other half was the CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program) where we get food to those in need… That program worked very well. Our team worked extremely hard to move that along in the Agriculture Committee.


“The Department of Agriculture buys fruit, vegetables, meat and other items, and they get those to the food banks and different organizations, usually 501(c)(3) or nonprofits, to sign up to be distributors,” he added. “We have a system in place that has been there a long time and has worked very well to get the food that is purchased distributed to those in need.”

Baird also hopes to continue working on relief for businesses, expanding access to broadband, addressing prescription drug costs, fighting the opioid epidemic and continuing to assist veterans.

“We worked with the local banks and small business administration,” Baird said. “We want to continue that process and make sure that we can help small business and, really, all business. We want to make sure that we have no barriers for them to move forward under the current circumstances. I really think that having vaccines available and getting people vaccinated and protecting people is going to help us open our businesses back up even more and start moving forward.

“We want to make sure we help folks do what they need to do to live the American Dream,” he continued. “Broadband will be an emphasis. Healthcare, telehealth and tele-education come to mind. So that will continue to be an emphasis. We need to help that industry as well as expand broadband. We certainly have concerns about prescription drug costs and battling the opioid epidemic. Those will be areas of concern for the 4th Congressional District.

“I am always concerned about our veterans and the services they are receiving. We will continue to provide assistance to them. It all comes back to our family values, constitution and right to life. Those are the areas that we will focus on in this 117th Congress.”

(This story appeared in the Frankfort Times. The article can be viewed here.)